IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Spitfire IW387902

As more brands announce their SIHH 2019 releases, IWC has given us a taste of its novelties this week, including the new IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Spitfire in bronze. Within IWC’s popular and wide-ranging Pilot’s Watch collection, this is among a number of models dedicated to the Royal Air Force (RAF) fighter aircraft called the […]

iwc pilot’s chronograph spitfire

Like many luxury watchmakers these days, the goal of IWC isn’t so much about novelty as it is about refinement. Many of the classic watch models and themes we like are evolving slowly in the “Rolex Way,” meaning slight improvements over time as opposed to major shifts and spurts of design creativity. This is a […]

iwc pilot’s watch chronograph spitfire

It’s a strange time to be deep into watches. As both auction and street prices for vintage steel watches have climbed precipitously over the past decade, so too has the demand for new steel watches from a handful of specific brands. And, as many of you are all too aware, when I use “precipitously,” I am describing a scenario of empty display cases, waitlists, and a secondary market full of flippers willing to help anyone skip the line – so long as you have well over MSRP in your wallet.Along with this rise in pricing vs access, thanks to the internet we’re also in a new age of fast knowledge. It’s a time when any Johnnie on the street with an iPhone can rattle off reference numbers that used to be the secret code of those deep in the game. For anyone looking for a stylish steel sport watch, the game has changed and the competition – that is, the fight between those clamoring for certain watches – has grown with both in terms of size and appetite.So what’s a normal guy or gal to do? When I first got into this whole scene, Submariners, both old and new, were available. GMT-Masters were plentiful and not only could steel be found in most display cases, but five large seemed to go a lot further than it does today. Thankfully, for those willing to look outside of the royal offerings, some strong alternatives are available.And so this is where we find the handsome IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Spitfire. Tough but not overstated and certainly toolish but with a vintage flair, the Spitfire collection was recently overhauled and I’d wager that this new chronograph, which is available in steel or bronze, manages to offer IWC’s well-established Flieger aesthetic while being distinctive enough to stand apart as an expression of their form that attempts to capture a certain old-world charm. Chances are, if you’re thinking about pilot’s watches, you are imagining an IWC. The brand has become somewhat synonymous with the modern format of this classic war-time Flieger aesthetic. From the Big Pilot to the Top Gun and the various generations of their Mark series three-hander, you can have your IWC pilot’s watch in varying […]