It’s called “Italian blue”

Among the thousands of colors in the world, I only love blue. Blue, often represents steady, pure and romantic.

In the Apennine Peninsula, there is a country that has a close relationship with blue. It is Italy. Italian blue is a classic color in many fields. Just like our Chinese red, blue is the unofficial national color of Italy.

In the eyes of football fans, the most classic Italian blue is the “blue army” — the Italian men’s national football team. Baggio, Totti, Nesta, Cannavaro, Pirlo, Vieri and Inzaghi are familiar names and legendary stars from generation to generation. The book has written a wonderful chapter in the history of the Italian national team. At the same time, Italy has one of the world’s top five leagues, Serie A, melancholy, sad, strong, magic, passion, all of which are staged in turn in each league.

In addition, friends who like cars must also know that the Italian Super run family has “two emperors and one empress”, among which Maserati, who is expensive as “one empress”, has a close relationship with blue and ocean, and its brand color is also blue.

Not long ago, Maserati officially announced the launch of the Royal special edition. It is worth mentioning that the Royal special edition model is not only a single model, but also a special version of its president car, Levante SUV and Ghibli car.

The launch of the Royal special edition of Maserati is to pay tribute to the classic car, the Royal special edition of the third generation president. As a luxury version of the third generation president car, the Royal special edition of the third generation president car used special blue and green paint. Therefore, the new royal special edition will also use the special paint colors of “Royal Blue” and “Royal Green” to inherit the precious lineage. In addition to the classic color matching, silver brake calipers, specially customized 21 inch anteo high gloss black alloy rims and 21 inch Titano aluminum alloy rims are also available in the new car.

Maserati Royal special edition will also have exclusive interior configuration. On the basis of granlusso luxury package, the new car will offer two kinds of materials: Brown Denia pelletessuta woven leather and black brown “pieno Fiore” luxury full grain leather. Among them. Pelletessuta is a kind of woven leather fabric specially made by Zegna for Maserati. It is light and flexible, bringing luxury and elegance to the cockpit.

It’s also “Royal“, it’s also an Italian luxury brand, and it has a deep relationship with ocean. Panerai watches is the most tacit brand with Maserati. Panerai replica watch started to serve the Italian Navy, is famous for its high-end sports wristwatches, and has many fans all over the world. For Panerai, nature has a special meaning.

Recently, inspired by ocean blue, Panerai launched a new submersible Azzurro stealth watch series – 42mm (model: pam01209), officially nicknamed “little blue ghost”

Panerai Submersible Azzurro” in the name of the new watch means “light blue” in Italian, so it is the matte blue that can instantly remind people of the romantic Italian sea breeze and the vast ocean on the ceramic watch ring. And this touch of blue, with forged steel case phase contrast, just can reflect the men’s steady and deep blue.

“Little blue ghost” is not only aesthetic, but also practical. It meets Panerai’s strict technical standards and can resist extreme pressure; the dot time mark, time and minute hands on the dial are all displayed in blue-green night light, so that you can read the time clearly when diving.

Italy is a romantic country. Such romance is also reflected in its incomparable industrial design. No matter Maserati or Panerai, other products have a high degree of recognition and artistic beauty. Their blue, has Italy’s unique national feelings and luxury temperament. Some people say that Italian men are fascinating, and they all like to use the name “Prince”. We are familiar with the Roman Prince Totti, Milan Prince Maldini, the melancholy Prince Robert Baggio and so on. For men, Italian sports cars and watches are the same, with an irreplaceable position. What do you think?

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