How is Panerai different?

I really have different feelings towards Panerai Replica Watches, perhaps because I spent more time studying its antique watches and participated in many different events and activities along with Panerai. I still remember that I saw a Panerai in the Italian Naval Museum more than ten years ago Standing quietly among all the maritime instruments, I don’t know why I feel proud of myself. Maybe the old-fashioned watchers like us all project the feelings of life and life on the mechanical watch, so sometimes they can’t say what’s good, that is, the kind of emotion that no one can replace, which is hard for outsiders to understand.

Even if I have different feelings for Replica Panerai Watches, it is mostly because it is a very different brand. Panerai is not only one of the few watch making brands that started with diving watches, but also one of the few watch brands that stick to the historical shell design. Its unforgettable watch design since 1936 has never seen anyone surpass its unique design. Many people think that Panerai is just a shell. It seems that no matter how hard it tries, the limited edition is still popular and the special appearance is still remembered.

The Panerai watch making factory, located between Neuchatel and rashadefeng in Switzerland, has a complete scale of watch making, which enables Panerai to develop and manufacture wrist watches with complex functions.

But it’s also very good, because over the years, Panerai has not changed because of anyone, which may be one of the reasons why I like Panerai best. The difference of Panerai is not only unique in appearance, but also in the development of complex functional styles. Today, let me say something about it.

Panerai luminor Luna Rossa Regatta countdown watch pam1038 is the only code meter with minute hand design that can count backwards at present. It combines the function of flyback code meter and is also one of the best code watches in my mind.

Panerai has many kinds of timepieces, from general-purpose movement, antique movement to self-made movement. But for me, only the regatta flyback countdown timepiece style makes me feel that this is what Panerai should do! Having participated in numerous sailing competitions with Panerai, I always feel that there is no countdown meter for exclusive sailing competitions, which is really unreasonable. The countdown code meter pam526, which was published in 2013, can be said to be the only code meter on the market that strictly conforms to the actual function of countdown.

Panerai’s first countdown watch, pam526, is strictly the most consistent with the countdown function.

I once wholeheartedly thought that with Panerai’s stubborn character, I should have a decent timepiece, especially the regatta countdown timepiece used in sailing events. As a result, I have been seeing ordinary and “ordinary” traditional timepieces or needle chasing timepieces for a long time, but I didn’t expect to be better than Panerai Even more obstinate, I finally waited until the pam526 flew back to the code meter to easily operate the countdown minutes before the sailing race started with a single button. The difference between sailing events and other competitions lies in the demand for countdown. Before sailing, the referee team will count down three times every five minutes (a total of 15 minutes) to remind the fleet to prepare for sailing and sail to the best sailing line. This is also the reason why the sailing watch has countdown function.

With a set of independent structure combined with the timing movement, it can realize the combination with the central timing second hand, the second hand sequential timing, minute hand countdown, and can independently set the countdown from 1 minute to 59 minutes.

Generally, the countdown function connected to the movement of the code meter is mostly based on the independent area of the window or dial. When the code meter is started, the countdown is displayed at the same time, and most of it can only be displayed for five minutes. Panerai uses a completely independent countdown structure. It can use the side button of the watch case to set the number of minutes to count down. From 1 minute to 59 minutes, the set countdown needle will stay on the set number of minutes. When the code meter button is started, the countdown minute needle will also go back to the origin in order with the normal operation of the code meter.

Panerai luminor Luna Rossa Regatta countdown watch pam1038, carbon fiber composite case of carbotech, 47 mm in diameter and 19.94 mm in thickness, sandwich structure face plate covered with sail material, 12 sided titanium metal back coated with black DLC (drill like carbon) coating, engraved with Luna Rossa logo, Luna Rossa ac75 single sailing boat and America Cup pattern, carrying p 9100 / R automatic chain up movement, vibration frequency 4 Hz, energy storage 3 days, fly back time, sailing countdown and second hand zero, waterproof 100 meters, Ponte Vecchio black calf leather strap with frosted titanium trapezoidal buckle,

Therefore, this code meter can not only read the calculation time of the normal code meter, but also know the time left by counting down the clock. This is the only one that can count backwards at present. It combines the function of fly back code meter and is also one of the best code meters in my mind. From the classic sailing to the modern sailing competition of America Cup, the emergence of pam1038 also represents the transition of this era. The same special reverse digital watch movement is made of carbon fiber composite material of carbotech, and the sandwich structure dial is covered with the sail material. This new design interpretation also represents that Panerai has entered a new era.

Panerai’s unique single axis solid rotary flywheel device.

Although I start with the countdown meter, if I want to talk about the complex functional development of Panerai, the tourbillon device is the initial beginning. As early as in 2002, Panerai started to make a full range of self-made movements. Starting from the long power manual chain up movement, it launched the tourbillon device in 2007, which is also the most unique design in the tourbillon industry so far.

The design of pam768 hollowed out flywheel is one of the classic designs of Panerai

In advanced tabulation, the tourbillon device is one of the most “popular” mechanical designs next only to the chronograph, and the tourbillon seems to be more like the threshold of tabulation strength, which can be regarded as the demonstration of becoming an advanced tabulation brand. Although this phenomenon does not necessarily represent the tabulation strength of a brand, penahai is not only making a tourbillon, but also making it At present, this device is also the only single axis flywheel that can rotate 360 degrees in three dimensions.

Panerai luminor Tourbillon GMT Tourbillon two time wrist watch pam768, direct metal laser sintering sandblasted titanium case, diameter 47 mm, surface thickness 17.66 mm, ring, crown and crown bridge device lock bar are made of carbon fiber composite materials, equipped with P . 2005 / T manual chain up movement, vibration frequency 4 Hz, energy storage 6 days, second time zone display, 24 hours display, power storage display, flywheel, waterproof 100 meters, gray crocodile leather strap with sandblasted titanium metal folding buckle, with a black nylon strap,

The traditional flywheel is single shaft design, that is, there is only one driving shaft of the flywheel frame. If the frame is fixed on the top with a horizontal watch bridge, it is the traditional single shaft fixed flywheel device. If there is no horizontal watch bridge fixed, it is the well-known flying (or floating) flywheel device design. In general, the driving axis of the single shaft flywheel frame is in the center, and it is connected with the fourth wheel of the movement below the axis, which can receive the power transmitted by the spring box through the gear train, and then drive the flywheel frame (including the escapement structure) to run.

Panerai’s flywheel is not only the only single axis three-dimensional rotating flying flywheel device at present, its rotation frequency is also a special 30 second flywheel

Although the design of the Panerai flywheel device is single shaft, it is connected by a crown gear frame to rotate the whole flywheel in a three-dimensional 360 degree manner. Although the overall mechanical principle is the same: after the power output of the core spring box, it connects the crown wheel through the gear train to the fourth wheel, and then drives the overall flywheel structure. This is not only the only single axis three-dimensional rotating flying flywheel device at present, but also its rotation frequency is a special 30 second flywheel: 30 seconds per revolution.

Panerai luminor Tourbillon GMT two time watch pam767, titanium case, 47 mm in diameter, equipped with p.2005/t manual chain movement, vibration frequency 4 Hz, energy storage 6 days, second time zone display, 24 hours display, power storage display on the back, tourbillon, waterproof 100 meters,

The original Panerai Tourbillon style, which was launched in 2007, is hidden under the dial in an introverted and low-key way. Unlike other tourbillons, most of them open a window on the dial. Instead, they have to turn to the back of the watch to see it. In the 2018 pam767 style, the titanium case with sandblasting effect is made by direct metal laser sintering, and the movement watch bridge is redesigned in an integrated hollowed out way. With the posture of contemporary design, the special single axis three-dimensional rotating flywheel device of Panerai has once again become a new classic in the highly complex watch of Panerai. Just like the shell figure of Panerai can be identified from a distance, people can recognize the tourbillon of Panerai at a glance; Panerai’s power to interpret watch design in terms of complex functions is as powerful and meaningful as watch design.

I don’t know if anyone remembers that among all the complicated functions of Panerai, there was a very special work: Jupiter instrument. In order to pay homage to Galileo, the Italian scientist, Panerai spent several years on the development and construction of the Jupiter instrument, which is Galileo’s most important discovery: Jupiter and its four moons, and finally presented it to the Galileo Museum. This Jupiter instrument is the touchstone of Panerai’s complex functions for astronomical astrology types, which is implemented in the design of wristwatch. Panerai chose to express it in a more concise way.

The date dial on pam000920 is made of borosilicate glass, and the date numbers are treated by laser from optical properties. The date display window above the date dial is made of polarized crystal glass. Only when you look directly at the small date display window can the date numbers be clearly read, and the four o’clock position is the sunset time. There are many forms of mechanical device design of astronomical and astrological phenomena in the field of advanced tabulation. Of course, the most common one is the display of lunar phase profit and loss, and the other is the perpetual calendar function. The less common ones are the display of time equation, tide, sunrise and sunset, star map, zodiac, etc. How to choose the combination of these display functions depends on each brand’s interpretation of astronomical design. When choosing the aesthetic design based on hollowing out, Panerai has to choose the way to present the function like building steel structure when choosing the astronomical star display.

The “time equation” function, which shows the difference between the true solar time and the average solar time (the current practical time division system), and the “sunrise and sunset” function, which shows the time of sunrise and sunset every day, are all based on the simulated gear of the earth’s orbit around the sun, and are displayed in the way of indicator numbers, which not only does not destroy the overall aesthetic feeling of the hollowed out structure, but also makes contributions to astronomy Meaning. But if it’s just like this, there seems to be something missing, the most popular astronomical display function: lunar phase profit and loss display. So there must be a moon on top. What should we do with Panerai, which emphasizes the overall low-key and introverted design?

Panerai l’astronomo luminor 1950 Tourbillon moon phases equation of time GMT wrist watch pam920, titanium case, diameter 50 mm, equipped with p.2005/gls manual chain movement, vibration frequency 4 Hz, energy storage 4 days, waterproof 100 meters

For the earth, the orbit relationship between the sun and the moon determines the tide, sunrise, sunset and other information on the earth, which is also the most basic and practical astronomical display function. The indispensable moon phase display, Panerai uses a disc design on the back of the watch to display the time of the two places and the profit and loss of the moon phase in a rare coaxial way, which combines the complex multiple functions. I really can’t think of this seemingly “simple” design with complex mechanical structure. Apart from Panerai, who else can express it so unique and ingenious.

Panerai Radiomir Minute Repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT watch pam600, 18K red gold case, 49mm in diameter, equipped with p.2005/mr manual chain movement, vibration frequency of 4Hz, energy storage for 4 days, flywheel, two places time display, day and night display, power storage display on the back, local time and the second time zone time three ask function, hour, 10 minutes and minute time reporting, local time quick adjustment, energy storage for 96 hours, waterproof for 30 meters.

Of all the highly complex mechanical structures, the function of “three questions for time reporting” is the most difficult to overcome. It is not only that there are few master watchmakers who can make this function, but also that the production of watches not only tests the ability of mechanical creation and assembly, but also challenges the watchmaker’s overall ability of auditory beauty. I always think that even if you talk too much about it, it’s better to listen to it with your own ears, superstitious in brand and technology than to listen to it yourself. In 2016, Panerai first launched the tourbillon three ask two place timepiece. Although the volume is more magnificent and rugged than the classical image of the traditional three ask timepiece, its percussion timbre, rhythm and scale are very stable and even excellent.

The shape of Panerai pam000600 Sanwen timepiece is so special, but its mechanical structure and function are also outstanding among all Sanwen timepieces. With the special structure of three hammers and three springs, it can switch the time reporting function for local time or home time, which is absolutely unique in the three ask wristwatch. In fact, it’s rare to add a time reporting structure to a time device in two places. However, the Panerai, a three time device for two places, can switch by pressing the crown of the watch, and select the local time or home time for three time reporting. In addition, the extremely rare decimal time reporting method overturns all the existing time reporting structures at many levels.

The most important part of the three question structure is safety design structure. In the p.2005mr movement structure of the pam600 two place time three ask timepiece, in addition to the crown switch to select which time zone to hit, a small black spot is also designed on the crown. When the black spot faces the front (towards the user) and is aligned with the 3 o’clock position, the timepiece mechanism is locked, and only the time zone switch function can be performed; when the black spot and the 3 o’clock position When it is not aligned to the front, it can be operated to report the time. This simple and practical safety design is also rare in the three question wristwatch.

We are familiar with the mechanism of telling time, marking and scoring. It is designed with decimal percussion on this p.2005mr manual chain up movement. That is to say, after asking for the time, you can recognize the time and minute sounds struck by the mechanical structure through intuition. It is not like the traditional three asking for the time. You need to listen carefully and know them through marking and summing. The most challenging part of the other three questions is to reduce the noise of the governor as much as possible. In the film shooting environment, it is not perfect. We can hear from the film that even without the assistance of the sound box, Panerai’s three questions are still loud and clear.

The three question time chime I recorded in Panerai Florence boutique shows that in front of Florence’s hundred flowers cathedral is always the alarm bell of fire engines and police cars, and so is the background sound in the film. But even so, the pam000600 time chime is still powerful

Panerai’s three questions have outstanding performance in the power storage length (96 hours) and the complexity of mechanical device combination. The triple tone scale of sound is also a rare combination of tones. Indeed, it is one of the few three questions with diverse characteristics. Based on the chime of the crew on the classic sailing ship to remind the crew to change shifts, the Panerai three questions chime is closer to the middle tone of the chime, which is also a very outstanding design of the three questions chime watch. Do you like it? The sound?

Panerai’s little hammers (clearly in the film) are placed side by side, with the third one below the right one, the treble percussion one. Pam000600 combines a single axis three-dimensional rotating tourbillon device, two-way time and three-way time reporting structure. It is not only a rare time reporting structure that can switch two time zones, but also a few Tourbillon three-way time reporting wristwatches with power close to four days. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that the whole watch is completely self-made in Panerai watch factory.

The technical advancement of complex functions is a necessary process for a high-level watchmaking brand. In addition to relying on the long-term cultivation of huge financial resources, time and strength in the scale, equipment and ability of watchmakers, it is more difficult to design a unique and traditional style in the highly complex field with great competitive pressure. Panerai replica watches spent a long time and huge investment in almost completely self-made movement, and created a unique interpretation of complex functions. In the eyes of outsiders, this brand, which looks “similar” to every watch, is still so different everywhere under the insistence of seeking difference from the same design: different origins, different ideas and complicated ones.

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