Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso One Duetto Moon

The Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso One collection

Women on its mind… The Reverso One collection pays eloquent tribute to femininity by embodying its every nuance in a range of models nurtured by creativity. Reverso One Réédition, Cordonnet or Duetto Moon: recognising your very own means feeling your heart skip a beat, whatever the reason. Who can describe the origin of love at first sight, or the strength of an unshakeable bond? Once you’ve found your Reverso, it is forever “the One”.

The Reverso One magnifies every style, be it relaxed, sophisticated or delightfully iconoclastic. It ignites demure classics and gives them undeniable panache. While reviving the elongated shape of 1930s watch cases, the Reverso One has its finger firmly on the pulse of today’s fashion trends.

Its exquisitely balanced proportions invite that unique gesture, as a finger gently pivots the case. This can be done for the sheer pleasure of this smooth and intensely personal move, or else to reveal unexpected delights such as a second dial or an area that can be personalised by special words and secrets.

On the dial of the Reverso One, the new Arabic numerals radiate a sense of airy lightness, as if they had been handwritten in a lively, buoyant script. The Dauphine-type hour and minute hands sweep across an extremely subtle sunburst guilloché background exuding an aura of elegance that is a sure token of natural elegance. The four corners of the watch face evoke its proud heritage, while the case features the same slightly cambered profile of the historical models that gently hugged the wrist. The sunburst cradle motif lends a dynamic touch to the famous case swivel.

Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso One Duetto Moon

Jaeger-LeCoultre also wished to endow this collection with its horological expertise and thus invites women to succumb to their desire for a complicated watch. Powered by a mechanical manually-wound movement, the Reverso One Duetto Moon displays two faces representing two separate worlds. On one side, it reveals the most feminine of horological complications, the moon phase. The mother-of-pearl lunar disc offers a striking and romantic depiction of the heavenly body, standing out against a spangled blue stay drawing the gaze into the depths of a dreamy night. The infinitely graceful dial stage-setting is composed of overlapping circles and radiant beams. Thus associated with the moon phase, the Duetto concept thus associated with the moon phase display, the Duetto concept based on two back-to-back dials driven by a single movement makes the Reverso One Duetto Moon a magnificently accomplished watch. It comes in an alligator strap version or with a steel or gold bracelet delicately accentuating the visual emotions it so artfully stirs.

With its graceful elongated lines, the Reverso One Duetto Moon pink gold watch with precious finishes adorns the wrist like a piece of jewelry. The model presents two faces through the Duetto concept which powers the watch, to accompany the emotions and desires of the woman who has made it her own.Graceful, feminine, and precious, the Reverso One Duetto Moon steel watch features extremely delicate lines and jeweled finishes, to adorn the wrist like a true piece of jewelry. The two dials present two faces featuring different styles. Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso One Duetto Moon
Like a jewelry piece worn on the wrist with delicate, graceful dimensions, the watch features an exterior of pink gold and diamonds. The Reverso One Duetto Moon presents two faces that will enchant admirers day or night.
Timeless in its face surrounded by its three emblematic gadroons, the Reverso has been enchanting both men and women with an eye for beauty since its creation. Often androgynous, it knows how to show off its femininity in jeweled models or affirm its masculinity by pronounced complexities and a marked Art Déco aesthetic.

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