2021 Might as well to oneself “eccentric” once

As the calendar is torn page by page and the Chinese New Year is approaching, Chinese people who like to ask for a good fortune on important festivals such as the New Year festival like to pay attention to the folk custom of “asking for a good fortune” in terms of food and etiquette. In the watch website, for those who like watches, what better spring watches can be recommended? Let’s move on

At the beginning, let’s talk about the folk custom of “begging color”. What is “begging color”? For the Chinese who like to avoid taboos and value moral, the popular point is to give full play to our unique Chinese character culture and express our expectation and blessing for the future in language. Every new year’s day, family wedding and so on, people will say two lines of good wishes when they meet, which is often called “flattery”.

There are many kinds of auspicious words in caokoucai, which are endowed with specific contents according to specific situations. For example, in daily life, the money given to children by new year’s elders is called “lucky money”; birthday birthday birthday must eat a bowl of noodles, noodles need to be made to grow a long root, meaning “longevity”; new marriage also put jujube longan and other auspicious food, on behalf of “early birth and noble son” and so on. Of course, Chinese culture is broad and profound, with a long history. Many customs have been handed down from their ancestors to the present, and they are based on ancient history.

This time, I chose Lange’s “eccentric” design, which is selfish. Because I was deeply impressed by the “Chinatown” in ditford, Germany. They have great respect and admiration for Chinese culture. They also have more than 100 years of “Chinese Carnival” history and a genuine Chinese flavor.

On the other hand, I don’t know if you have carefully observed the new year’s calendar. This year, the Spring Festival on February 12 is very similar to the Valentine’s day on February 14. Since you want to recommend a beautiful new year watch, don’t miss the similar Valentine’s day. During the double Festival, the “eccentric” design is only for you!

Langer’s “eccentric” style is a very different and unique design feature in German watchmaking, which is also the key to recommend A Lange & Sohne Watches.

Lange’s range 1 series has a typical eccentric dial style. The arrangement of all devices on its dial is different from the conventional design, but it is not placed at will. Instead, the center point of each display device is arranged in an isosceles triangle rule, so that each device can be read clearly and easily, while meeting the aesthetic mystery of the golden section law. This kind of ingenious disc setting is very distinctive and has outstanding advantages. Nowadays, the disc style of Lange 1 has become the top representative of German watches.

The large calendar display window is also one of the important designs of the range 1 series. Its inspiration comes from the famous five minute digital clock of the famous German building Dresden SEPA opera house. The size of the number is three times larger than that of a watch of the same size. You can read the date of the day clearly and quickly without squinting.

For “eccentric” design, the most intuitive style is nothing more than classic. Lange 1 Lange 1 wristwatch has been Lange’s representative work since it came out in 1994, which can be said to be the “classic signboard” of brand image. The appearance of the Lange 1 Lange 1 wristwatch in the picture continues the classic design and reduces the size of the watch ring, which is very in line with the modern aesthetic color of pursuing simplicity. At the same time, its internal movement is equipped with l121.1, the 50th manual chain up movement developed by the watch factory. After technical improvement, it is also equipped with the balance balance wheel with eccentric weight and the self-made cardless hairspring, which makes the travel time more accurate.

For women’s wristwatch, I’ve matched Lange 1 Lange 1 small moon wristwatch for you. There are two styles of diamond and diamond ring. The non diamond wristwatch is more graceful and elegant, which is more suitable for women with gentle atmosphere; the diamond ring wristwatch is more suitable for women with noble and gorgeous style, which is just right to match the exquisite dress.

LANGE 1 The design of the lunar phase device of the Lange 1 Mini lunar watch is also very special. The background color of the lunar phase device is set to silver white, which is integrated with the silver white dial decorated with twisted cord carving. The moon and stars are designed in gold, which is called the color matching of the pointer and time mark on the dial. The overall effect is very elegant and cleverly hidden in the dial, which is quite mysterious Taste.

The A Lange & Sohne Watches is equipped with l121.2 manual chain up movement, which is thinner than Langer’s watch in January The movement is also equipped with a unique double spring box, matching with the watch factory’s homemade hairspring, including Langer’s exquisite movement grinding process, which can be seen under the sapphire crystal bottom cover. It is very pleasant to run, and has a unique “eccentric” charm!

If women have a “bright moon”, it is more gentle and virtuous; if men have a “bright moon”, it is more romantic. The unique lunar phase display device of Lange 1 Lange 1 large-scale lunar phase wristwatch reflects the ingenious conception of Lange watchmaker. It is different from the structure of the previous independent lunar phase panel. Instead, it moves the lunar phase indication from the small second hand dial to the eccentric hour / minute dial, which looks perfectly integrated and still maintains the Golden Triangle layout.

The watch is equipped with Langer’s self-made l095.3 movement and a spring box, which can provide 72 hours of power storage. The movement combines gold screw balance wheel, self-developed and manufactured balance wheel hairspring, and 3 / 4 splint made of untreated German silver, showing the charm of Langer watchmaking.

The women’s version chose the A Lange & Sohne Watches Lange 1 lunar watch for everyone. The solid 18K Golden Moon independently runs around the orbit along the foreground on the dial. On the back is a celestial disc made of solid 18K gold, which rotates once every 24 hours. On the disc, the interference effect of light turns blue into multiple tones to represent different times of the day. During the day, it presents a bright sky without stars, and at night, it depicts a dark sky, in sharp contrast to the stars cut by laser. In this way, the moon always revolves around the real background, and also serves as a day / night indicator when setting the watch.

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