Roger Dubuis Watch League of Heroes LPL

Roger Dubuis Watch, a senior watch making brand in Geneva, adheres to the creative spirit of “our game has no rules” and dares to show its extraordinary world. In recent years, brands continue to draw creative inspiration from other top industries, and their rebellious spirit and boundless creativity constantly urge them to explore unknown new fields in many aesthetic fields and technological boundaries.

Roger Dubuis presents the LPL Hall of fame of the first League of heroes, helping the vigorous development of China’s e-sports industry. As China’s Chinese mainland top occupation League, occupation League LPL, which was founded in 2013, marks the bold attempt of regularization and professionalization of China’s electric competition. LPL continues to learn from traditional sports events, and has become the benchmark of E-sports events in the world through its perfect competition system and unparalleled influence.


As a “continuous innovator”, Roger Dubuis has been famous for his avant-garde innovation since he was founded in 1995. Its rebellious, beyond the limit, bold and other characteristics continue to inject a steady stream of creative vitality into the brand. The brand is rooted in the traditional tabulation technology, exploring in the precise time scale and infinite space-time dimension, breaking the border of eastern and Western styles, breaking through the traditional and modern concept barriers, subverting, integrating, challenging and innovating, and achieving the transcendence of skill and courage with extraordinary spirit. This spirit coincides with the LPL Hall of fame of the League of Heroes: the rebellious gallop pays tribute to the spirit of pursuing excellence and surpassing oneself of the e-sports people, and rewards the e-sports kings who constantly break the boundaries.

In the past eight years, LPL Hall of fame, as the hall of honor of League of heroes, has selected players and E-sports practitioners who have outstanding performance in the development of League of heroes and have made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry. One to three candidates in each session can enter the hall of honor. The first LPL Hall of fame held an honor awarding ceremony at LPL all star weekend on January 1. This year, Gao Xuecheng (smile), Ji Xing (Abu) and Qian Chen (Miller) won the honor. They are the founders and pioneers of the LPL League, and have witnessed the LPL reach the top step by step.

Roger Dubuis also pays tribute to the three Hall of fame coronation members with the brand’s iconic Excalibur hurac á n watch. Excalibur hurac á n wristwatch is the brand’s Signature Series in cooperation with Lamborghini square corse Lamborghini sports department. The most distinctive feature of the watch is that the upper splint of the rd630 movement is modeled on the “engine room lever” design of the V10 engine of Lamborghini hurac á n super sports car. Inspired by the rim of hurac á n sports car, the 360 degree pendulum is created, which reflects the sense of speed emitted by the wheels of super sports car in galloping. What’s more, the exquisite creativity is that compared with the traditional mechanical movement, the hairspring pendulum here has changed its orientation, so as to ensure that the wearer can fully enjoy the fun of watching the watch movement. The combination of the brand’s love for luxury and splendor with its top-notch craftsmanship has proved time and again that the Roger Dubuis chronometer is undoubtedly the most exciting way to experience the “super watch”.Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Watches

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