ROGER DUBUIS Like a dragon and a phoenix

Roger Dubuis watch aims to bring unparalleled sensory feast to those who pursue to live in the moment. With his unruly creativity, Roger Dubuis reinterprets the expressive modern super watch. “Beyond the limit” is the normal, which is Roger duper.

Adhering to the concept of unruly and unconventional, and with a full line of watchmaking factories as a strong backing, Roger Dubuis’ bold and fearless creative spirit can be fully displayed, thus constantly bringing unexpected joy to senior watchmakers all over the world.

Today, Roger Dubuis pays tribute to the splendid Chinese culture. Roger duper, the founder of the brand, has always been fond of Chinese culture, and it is Chinese culture that breeds his passion to reinterpret traditional watches from a modern perspective. To celebrate the new year, pay homage to tradition, and create extraordinary achievements, Roger duper has launched two new timepieces with unparalleled craftsmanship, which represent the meaning of peace and the beauty handed down from generation to generation. The new Excalibur king series dragon double Tuo watch and Feng dance single Tuo watch are just the so-called dragon in the sky and Phoenix in the sky.

This is the world’s first Roger Dubuis double flying Tourbillon watch, which is our reinterpretation of super watch. The new way of time presentation is the perfect embodiment of Roger duper’s “Remodeling classic”, and also the perfect integration of his iconic visual aesthetics and excellent performance. In addition to the gorgeous and luxurious visual aesthetics, the movement also ensures higher accuracy by averaging the speed of the two tourwheels through the differential. The Excalibur king series Feilong shuangtuo wristwatch with a diameter of 45mm is based on the posture of the dragon in the sky. The watch is made of 18k rose gold and painted with dragon totem on the hollow out movement. The dragon’s head is placed at 12 o’clock. The dragon’s body and limbs span and shuttle between the mechanical parts, just like flying in the air and flying in the clouds on the dial. This watch perfectly grasps the exquisite skill and extraordinary design aesthetic feeling. Every detail of the watch can be achieved only after repeated deliberation and polishing, so as to let watch lovers obtain extraordinary experience.

The harmony of yin and Yang, the harmony of dragon and Phoenix. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubi Excalibur king series Fengwu Dantuo wristwatch depicts the soft and beautiful posture of Fengwu. Its wings do flying movements, and Fengling naturally flies around the movement. It is a unique classic chronograph. Its single flying Tourbillon is one of the most complex functions in the advanced watch making industry. Its splint and board bridge are simplified to the extreme, leaving only the most core part. It shows Roger duper’s top-notch watch making technology incisively and vividly. In order to add gorgeous visual effect to this Tourbillon movement, the 36mm case is engraved with 18k rose gold. The bezel inlaid with 48 bright cut white diamonds is the icing on the cake for the extraordinary charm of Fengwu Dantuo watch.

The carving of every shape part of Roger Dubuis Excalibur king series Fengwu Dantuo wrist watch needs careful consideration, including the trend of every feather and grain, and the dynamic changes of body during the flying. Only by mastering the right proportion and layout can we achieve the wonderful beauty of Fengfei and Fengwu. The wings of the Golden Phoenix are dancing, and the Phoenix plume naturally whirls around the side of the flywheel at 7 o’clock.

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