TAG HEUER Connected Calibre E4 45MM X Malbon Golf Edition

Tech and style lovers, listen up: TAG Heuer and Malbon just released their special edition, collaboration golf watch, the “TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45MM x Malbon Golf Edition,” a take on the Swiss brand’s first golf watch launched in 2022.

Retailing at $250, the sport-specific luxury timepiece includes every bell and whistle a golfer can dream up, plus a collection of limited edition swag designed with both brands’ fingerprints consisting of a ball marker, two different strap styles, and three commemorative golf balls.

The release TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45MM x Malbon Golf Edition marks a first for both houses as it’s a collaboration between a street-style savvy West Coast golf lifestyle brand and a historic Swiss watch manufacturer, complete with a clothing and accessories capsule collection. Plus, the design, which includes elegantly sporty finishes, surprising turquoise accents, as well as the playfully sly Malbon golf ball caricature (who goes by “Buckets”) in a classic green snapback, stands out as one of TAG Heuer’s most colorful offerings.

As for the features, there are many to highlight in addition to the trendy lemon-lime and forest green color palette, grounded by timeless black. The model is fortified with upscale materials including steel, titanium, ceramic, and sand-blasted DLC (similar to synthetic diamond). The two straps (one sporty, fun, and green and the other classic black) are fabricated from premium leather and durable rubber. The sport watch includes the gold standard pulsometer for monitoring heart rate, as well as an 18-hole tracker. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45MM x Malbon Golf Edition technology keeps track of every swing, as well as the club used, so that it can offer recommendations over time. Think of this watch like a hands-free, wrist-worn caddy, rechargeable with a full day’s worth of battery life and equipped with tools like a timer, stopwatch, and alarm. The watch comes in two timefaces, one exclusive moss green variation of a Tag Heuer classic, and the other featuring an encouraging Buckets, animated, along the for the ride.

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