Jacob & Co. Palatial Opera Flying Tourbillon

The Jacob & Co. Palatial Opera flying tourbillon is an exquisite masterpiece that reflects the high standards of horology and gem-setting techniques. Constructed to resemble an amphitheatre, every superbly executed detail has been designed and crafted to invite the apparently free-standing or flying tourbillon to take center stage.

While a traditional tourbillon is held in place by a bridge, a Jacob & Co. Palatial Opera flying tourbillon is designed to appear as if it is floating above the dial of the watch.The exacting art of delicately hand-setting precious gems simultaneously elevates this watch into the status of a rare and magnificent jewel. Behind the scenes at the Jacob & Co. Geneva, Switzerland atelier, micro-mechanical engineers and gem setters working on the Jacob & Co. Palatial Opera flying tourbillon employed a repertoire of complicated diamond setting techniques to plan in advance the precise angle, position and cut for every stone, one diamond at a time, creating special tools as part of the process.

The smooth appearance of the fully set diamond pavé dial is the culmination of 18 months of work. The invisible setting of the baguette diamonds, with no visible rose gold in between each one, extends all the way across the watch dial to include the tilted inner bezel. In this row of dazzling diamonds that shines the spotlight on the tourbillon, resting precisely between the tourbillon cage and the outer bezel, each baguette diamond is set at a slightly different angle, requiring knowledge, experience and the patient work of dexterous hands.
The Jacob & Co. logo is set on the pavé dial giving the impression that it is hovering just above it. Every carefully selected baguette diamond is internally flawless, Top Wesselton AVVS quality. In a measure of its outstanding performance, the Jacob & Co. Palatial Opera flying tourbillon watch has a power reserve of 100 hours and is finished with a baguette-set buckle and a rose cut diamond on the crown.

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