IWC Portofino Automatic 37 Stainless Steel

The IWC Portofino pins down the basic characteristics of other more famous IWC collections: exquisite design, accuracy in time-telling, and durability. However, the watch is a step back compared to other watches from the brand because it houses a rather generic mechanism, a justification for its relatively lower price tag.
It may not have the name recall of other Swiss brands with the same caliber, but IWC’s achievements through time cannot simply be ignored. Horology aficionados around the world have admired the company through the years for its commitment to put forth groundbreaking timepieces with high technical standards and to be one step ahead in design without compromising accuracy and precision. To the layman, one might appreciate the timelessness of IWC’s watches that never seems to have the desire to be in trend yet still looks elegant and appropriate for most occasions. For those just beginning to appreciate the esteemed brand distinguished with its leaf-shaped hands and lux designs, the Portofino collection is a good place to start.
IWC has refreshed its IWC Portofino collection to make it more appealing while still retaining some of the vintage charm it exudes. Watches from the series have been inspired by the designs of the 1960s, sporting clear and uncluttered displays. With this restrained design comes a very elegant feel, found from the stainless steel case right to the luxurious leather strap or steel band, and awith reliable caliber to ensure the Portofino’s accuracy to boot.
The IWC Portofino is ideal for those who desire balance, with a design that lands between dressy and sporty. This enough makes it a versatile piece one can wear in the office or during off-duty days. Zeroing in on the dial, the IWC Portofino still employs the leaf-shaped hands that looks especially tasteful against the clean background. Even with its utmost attention to the tiniest of details, IWC still delivers in making this a legible watch that will cause no confusion in reading the hours, minutes and seconds. For those who stay away from watches because of their undesirable bulk, the Portofino would please with its slim case and well-proportioned dimensions.
The IWC Portofino may be a marvel to those are just beginning their exploration into IWC offerings, but other models would further impress especially considering that the former does not boast of an in-house mechanism which IWC is particularly lauded for. This also leads to the limited nature of the watch’s functions, although this is negligible to someone who just wants an elegant watch that will not miss in telling the time. This compromise is a reason for the IWC Portofino being on the lower spectrum price-wise for IWC watches, although admittedly, it is still pricier than most.

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