TAG Heuer Link Calibre 6

With the upcoming TAG Heuer Calibre 8 being released soon, it’s good to look back a little to the TAG Heuer Link Calibre 6, which has been a popular watch by TAG Heuer enthusiast and watch lovers world wide.

This TAG Heuer Link Calibre 6 has a stainless steel case and bracelet with a brown dial.
These are anxious times, as any concerned parent will attest. Children throughout the United Kingdom are in the middle of taking important examinations which, on the face of it, could shape their lives forever.

‘My babies’ are 16 and 18 years of age, a darling boy and a beautiful girl. I can’t help but reveal my love for them, sometimes to their embarrassment. However, as parents we accept that our precious offspring have to enter a potentially harmful psychological phase in their lives. My son is taking his ‘GCSEs’ and my daughter is in the midst of ‘doing her A-levels’.

Ultimately, years of studying convene at this point in time. This is the moment your child has to distill all the knowledge they have acquired and demonstrate a degree of understanding within an examination room. One three hour exam, could influence the future career path of your child. Opportunities could be gained or lost, all within this small snapshot of time.

There is a big part of me which wishes to take the examinations on my children’s behalf, but clearly this is not possible. I want to protect them from upset. However, studying for examinations is like a metaphor for life where the parent has to allow the child to enter a scary world and find their own pathway to survival.

It is only through being exposed to risk and, in some regrettable circumstances, suffering the negative consequences of failure, that we become sufficiently able to cope with life’s challenges. Indeed, it is by overcoming the cruel fate of life’s meandering trajectory that we reveal a degree of competence and show prospective employers we are of the right calibre.
TAG Heuer has little requirement to prove its credentials at creating chronometers, it has a rich history of producing highly accurate mechanical watches. Moreover, the name ‘CARERRA’, which can trace its origins to the 1950s motorsport event, the Carrera Pan Americana, is a nomenclature that has adorned the dials of some of the most legible watches ever produced.

Based on an impressive body of work, where stylish timepieces proffer ease of interpretation and notable aesthetic prowess, TAG Heuer Link Calibre 6 has shown it is of the right calibre when it comes to producing covetable timepieces
The winning formula consists of pure lines, limited indications which impart purely the essential of hours, minutes, small seconds and date. There is nothing extraneous which could mar the clean and seemingly simple appearance of this silver hued dial. However, look closely and the construction of the dial is far from simple, the applied polished, faceted hour markers collaborate with gleaming hands, lined with luminescent material, to enunciate time with perfect diction. There is an absence of ambiguity, everything is clear.

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