Baume and Mercier ladies review

The watch company has its humble beginnings in 1830 in Les Bois, which is a village in the canton Jura of Switzerland. It all started as a watch dealership owned by two brothers, Celestin Baume and Louis-Victor, having the ambition to produce premium excellence. After establishing a thriving business in the country of Switzerland, a new branch was launched in the city of London in 1851, by the name of ”Baume Brothers” to further expand the watchmaking business in the international market.

Extending the business internationally proved to be very beneficial for Baume & Mercier, as it gradually increased the popularity and demand of the brand throughout the British Empire. Not only that but by winning hearts and competitions for its unmatched time accuracy, the company was awarded 7 gold medals in multiple exhibitions held worldwide and 10 Grand Prix awards.

In 1892, a model of Baume chronometer pocket watch that had a tourbillon movement won the competition organized by Kew Observatory. For over ten years, this model of Baume’s watch remained unbeatable in terms of accuracy and precision.

But don’t let the splendor of Baume & Mercier fool you into thinking that it only manufactures watches with the hefty price tag. The brand has been introducing stylish models of watches under the collection ”My Classima”, which are sophisticated timepieces priced under $1000. This provides an opportunity for people to try a luxury brand at an affordable price.

Baume & Mercier is among the very few watch brands that conduct in-house production of their watches. From the sketching of the watch design to finishing and testing the accuracy of the timepieces, everything is centralized in Switzerland.

The design and development of products are handled in the Geneva headquarters.  As for the assembly and production of the watches, it is carried out in various workshops located in the Swiss Jura. The brand ensures to hire only the expert watchmakers to be a part of their team to produce Baume & Mercier wristwatches with Swiss excellence.

Each Baume & Mercier watch collection has its own distinctive movement, features, styles, dial sizes, materials, and band type.

With equal diversity offered in watches, you can easily find a watch best suited for your requirements and budget.

Watch enthusiasts and collectors rank Baume & Mercier among Top 25 luxury watch brands in the world. This says a lot about the quality of the watches and the excellence of their designs. Considering there are hundreds of competitors and the brand is still able to rank in the Top 25 shows that all the hard work of 190 years put into evolving the brand has not gone unappreciated.

For instance, when we compare the brand with the likes of  Maurice Lacroix, Baume & Mercier, many would say it has a better reputation in terms of quality, although the two brands do compete at a similar price bracket for mid-ranged price watches.

Baume & Mercier is renowned for offering a complete diversity when it comes to design. Their vintage timepieces are as loved by watch collectors as their modern-looking wristwatches; like dive watches, especially the mid-range priced Riviera and Clifton collection, are very much sought after for their features and comfort.

The brand offers ranges from sporty to strictly formal collection so there are chances we will see the watch movements taking some innovative looks in the future; and even if we don’t, Baume & Mercier watches already feature an impressive success and upbeat designs.

As the watch buyers are becoming increasingly value-conscious, Baume & Mercier offers them a technically impressive watch at a reasonable price which is a major catch for a large clientele.

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