Vacheron Constantin Égérie Self-Winding

With the Égérie collection, Vacheron Constantin Égérie Self-Winding has created a very tempting assortment of watches appealing to contemporary women. While the design of the Égérie is rooted in tradition, these watches always come with a little twist as is customary at Vacheron Constantin.

In this case quite literally a little twist as the crown is at the two o’clock with the date of this self-winding model occupying the same corner of the dial.
While also available in steel, the pink gold version is an especially precious proposition. With its diamond-set bezel offering a tempting contrast with the rich color of the precious metal, the pink gold is an eye-catcher. And even more so with its new pink gold bracelet.
Vacheron Constantin Égérie Self-Winding opted for a five-link bracelet design. This was a clever move for multiple reasons.

First and foremost, the design matches the watch itself seamlessly. While the three inner segments are rounded, the outer two have a flatter profile. This gives the bracelet a more three-dimensional look – with the added advantage that it doesn’t make the bracelet look overly classic.
This is important as these watches tend to be bought by women with active lifestyles. They are looking for something elegant that can be seamlessly suitable from one event to the next.

These women are entrepreneurs, executives, mothers, and much more so they need a watch that can balance these events as well as they do. The Égérie most certainly delivers that, and I find the version with the pink gold bracelet even more dynamic than the one on the leather strap. Granted, this also depends on the strap, which may differ from the standard one.

Another advantage of a five-link bracelet design is the clean look, even if the bracelet segments are small enough to closely follow the shape of the wrist. This is more important than it may seem as this is where a large portion of the wearing comfort is determined.
Vacheron Constantin fitted the bracelet with a triple-blade folding clasp that opens by pressing two push-pieces simultaneously. A comfortable choice, too, as this limits the risk of damaging a manicure.
Vacheron Constantin Égérie Self-Winding paid particular attention to the dial of the Égérie, which also matches the new bracelet nicely. In particular I’m a fan of the font used for the Arabic numerals on both the date wheel and the dial: they go well with the backdrop of the opaline dial, which Vacheron Constantin has been able to give a fabric-like texture using a pleated pattern.
Normally I don’t like date displays on a watch, especially a women’s watch, but here the date window is nicely done: the pink gold ring set with brilliant-cut diamonds accentuates it beautifully.

Vacheron Constantin also found a pleasing design balance by showing multiple numerals in the date window with a golden arrow pointing to the current one. This is something often done on sportier watches, but the ring surrounding it blends smoothly in with the rest of the design here as well.
The Égérie on a gold bracelet is €10,700 more expensive than the same model on a leather strap.

The question that comes to mind is: is it worth it? Aside from the Overseas collection, (gold) bracelets are relatively rare in Vacheron Constantin’s current collection. That certainly adds to this model’s desirability.

Gold bracelets are in general, regardless of the brand, costly. The first and foremost reason for this that they require quite a bit of gold. Aside from that, the many individual parts need to be machined and finished, which is meticulous work.

But that is the rational way of looking at it. From a more emotional perspective, the gold bracelet underscores the precious nature of the Égérie. Women certainly enjoy the pleasure of feeling the heft of the gold bracelet when they put it on.
That is quite a precious feeling by itself, one that can put hardly into numbers, and that makes this Self-Winding variation a welcome addition to the Égérie collection.

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