Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon

Jaeger-Lecoultre has added one very special edition to their men’s collection of innovative precision timepieces in an ultra-thin creation featuring a tourbillon which has taken watchmaking to a new level of modernity, hence the name, the Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon. Long known for the development of new technologies implemented within classic designs, the brand has done it again. This masterpiece merits a closer look to fully appreciate the craftsmanship and small details, along with the use of precious metals which combine to create the wristwatch in its extremely thin format.

A Closer look at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon
We begin our examination of the Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon at the case. It is made of 18K gold, in your choice of pink or yellow, and measures 40 mm in width and 11.3 mm in thickness. The finish is a mirror-like polish which makes the watch sparkle, with the crown, made of the same materials set at the three o clock position. The case back is a transparent crystal which reveals a glimpse of the inner mechanical workings, with a lovely patterned and engraved plate affixed partially over the top with gold screws. The fixed bezel is also 18k gold in a polished finish and provides a lovely raised encircling of the dial below, to give the appearance of depth, which is a small detail that assists in the creation of the overall personality of the timepiece.The dial
The dial is available in a variety of tones, including white, beige and light grey. For example, we’re examining, which is pink gold, it is beige. The hour markers make a strong presence on the dial, applied and raised in 18k pink gold with small gold dots appearing in between them to mark the minutes. The hands are a dauphine style in polished 18k gold. The Jaeger-Lecoultre brand is set below the 12 o’clock position with the logo applied at the top in a matching polished gold which presents a lovely contrast against the beige background. All said the use of raised indications along with the logo is a lovely touch in detailing which adds the element of texture, making the otherwise plain and classic face of the dial exquisite and interesting. The moving titanium carriage of the tourbillon is inset at the six o’clock position with the indication Swiss Made at the bottom of the window, completing the dial face which is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The movement
The very heartbeat from which the Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon receives its power is an in-house caliber JLC 982, Swiss-made automatic movement. The gilded bridge plate is displayed at the back of the case and the cogs which move continuously are visible in the tourbillon cage at the front. The power reserve is approximately 42 hours for this self-winding edition. The functions are hours, minutes, seconds and tourbillon. It is truly amazing how the engineers who designed the movement were able to miniaturize the working parts to create this ultra-thin version which does not skip a beat in keeping precise time.

The strap
The strap is made of genuine crocodile leather and it is available in a variety of colors, depending upon the metals used in the creation of each individual version of the Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon. It is held to the wrist by a double fold-over clasp type closure, in 18k gold matching the materials of the watch.Other features
The Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon has been designed for resistance to water depths of up to 165 feet. It’s not a diver’s watch, but it can withstand water pressures and seepage up to this depth.

Pricing and availability
The manufacturers suggested retail price is set at $70,500 for the Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon. It’s available in 18k pink gold, 18k yellow gold and in 18k white gold editions and inquiries for purchase may be made directly to the manufacturer through their website or via telephone. It is also available through a variety of other authorized dealers as well as through several reputable handlers online, including at Jomashop, chrono24 and a few others. We’ve observed lower prices from these dealers who offer some examples in brand new in the box condition as well as watches which have been gently used but are still in remarkable condition. With a word of caution, it’s always wise to ensure that any online purchase of a collectible watch is made through a dealer with a verified positive reputation for honesty and to make certain that all necessary certificates of authenticity are included with the purchase.

Final thoughts
It is always a pleasure to review a fine luxury timepiece, such as Jaeger-Lecoultre’s Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon. This is a piece which stands out from the crowd with a unique personality after one allows the eyes to thoroughly inspect the finer details which point to stellar and flawless craftsmanship. This is one of the loveliest men’s wristwatches we’ve seen in some time, with a classic round case and elegant and expensive adornments which are not overdone. The use of premium precious metals adds to the overall and as well as the inherent value of this watch as it offers an option which is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as well as to the touch, it’s light and thin for ultimate comfort on the wrist. Although the Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon looks expensive and it is expensive, it’s also made to be durable and to hold up under everyday use. This is a highly collectible timepiece, but it was not intended to sit in a case on display somewhere. It was made to be worn and enjoyed, not only by the owner but by all who see it out in public.

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