Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight

As a “continuous innovator”, Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight has always believed that life is more important than survival. The bold spirit and boundless creativity contained in the brand gene constantly impel its watchmaker to explore unknown new realms in many aesthetic fields and technical research. This unrestrained way of creation will inevitably lead to the birth of “super horology”, which is reflected in a series of outstanding and bold timepieces. So it’s natural for Roger Dubuis to create an extraordinary timepiece for the unique people who dare to be innovative. With the launch of the latest masterpiece of Roger Dubuis’s watch making art, the Excalibur Blacklight watch, they are bound to feel the unprecedented height of making watches.

It is an extremely difficult artistic creation to transform the magnificent tall buildings and glass spires of a prosperous metropolis into recognizable watch design. The Excalibur Blacklight wristwatch is luxurious, gorgeous and unruly. It contains all the elements that make Roger Dubuis one of the most exciting ways to experience “super watch”. It is the ode of Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and other dynamic cities, comparable to its brilliant night, emitting the flashing light of neon lights, but also a place where all kinds of ingenuity, innovation and imagination can be freely used.

The Excalibur Blacklight watch is like a city, changing at the turn of day and night: in the daytime, the watch decorates itself with subtle and solemn colors such as white, black and gray; in the evening, its movement and rim emit a variety of colors, as if from another world. The perfect combination of technology and aesthetics is just like the neon lamp design that enlivens the city after sunset, which brings brilliant style to the timepiece and shows excellent artistic creativity.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight watch is equipped with the innovative rd820sq automatic looping mechanism. Its crystal like micro sapphire structure (emitting light under ultraviolet light) is interwoven with the amazing looping mechanism, which shows its unique charm. As a result, timepieces are turned into art treasures, a mechanical art expression combining passion and cutting-edge technology. The Excalibur Blacklight wristwatch vividly represents the neon night scene of several major Asian capitals. Its exquisite platinum case is decorated with a series of round cut diamonds, which complement the bold 21st century fluorescent rubber strap to provide a dazzling appearance for the wristwatch.

Enthusiasts of Roger Dubuis chronometer are used to expecting the brand to provide them with an extraordinary experience. With the same style as before, this brand has cooperated with Mr. Wu Zhikai, one of the last neon production masters, to transform one of the representative elements of Roger Dubuis into one of the iconic neon lights in Hong Kong, so as to pay tribute to the Excalibur Blacklight watch.

“Neon art is obviously very close to my inner feelings. It also makes Hong Kong more unique and cosmopolitan,” Mr. Wu said. Neon art is a kind of art that needs to pay attention to details, experience and craftsmanship. This is also the skill and quality that I see in Roger Dubuis watchmakers, which is quite worthy of respect. As a neon producer, I really appreciate that Roger Dubuis can use this extremely special art and technology to bring life to the Excalibur Blacklight watch. ”

With a limited number of 8 watches, exclusively sold by the Roger Dubuis store, the Excalibur Blacklight wristwatch is like the ultimate manifesto. It is a timepiece specially designed for people who really want to be innovative. At the same time, it also highlights the extremely attractive visual atmosphere in the ultra modern Asian urban landscape.

Remind the enthusiasts of Replica Roger Dubuis: please pay close attention. Be sure to keep an eye on what’s going on so you don’t miss the launch of the second Excalibur Blacklight watch, which will shine at the same time. This eye-catching chronometer is made of rose gold from the bezel to the chain. The bezel is inlaid with round cut colored gems, which makes it unique in appearance. This is undoubtedly a work of glamour shining with gorgeous brilliance!

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